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Mélange / meh-lawnzh / (noun) A varied mixture
We (founders, Alec & Harry) have known each other for a little over a decade. Back in 2019, we founded Mélange Drinks and have been taking our own approach ever since. We pride ourselves on using no artificial sweeteners or any other added ‘nasties’ without compromising on taste. We use high quality and interesting ingredients to achieve a light and refreshing drink which is perfect for any occasion. Choose between Rhubarb & Raspberry, Grapefruit & Tangerine, and Yuzu & Passionfruit.
Great when served chilled, but best when shared with friends.


We dreamt up these drinks in our small kitchen in West London when we grew tired of the selection out there. The cocktails were inconvenient, the beer was bloating, and the typical other options either looked a bit too radioactive or had enough sugar to put Tate & Lyle out of business. So we pledged to make our own drink, a refreshing alternative towards a higher standard.  


Our journey started in early 2019, choosing our inspirations for what would make the tastiest concoctions. Safe to say, inspiration can come from anywhere, but it does take time to perfect. We spent our first year getting things right. We decided on the following: Raspberry & Rhubarb from the homemade crumble of Harry's youth, Yuzu & Passion Fruit reminiscent of Alec's Japanese heritage, and, well, Grapefruit and Tangerine, because it's bloody delicious. Each flavour is carefully selected based on creating perfect pairings, and because they're just that little bit more interesting than what's out there. 

R&R v2.png
RbR Foliage Individual Bits.png
Y&P Foliage 2.png


Our aesthetic is the result of our combined passion for all things creative. From working closely with our artist friend to create our label design, to partnering up at fashion events, we are surrounded by constant inspiration. The end result being a product that both tastes wonderful, but also looks beautiful. 



Alec Price, Co-Founder

Alec likes long walks in the park and dancing in the rain. Born in Japan, he takes inspiration from his upbringing into what we do on a daily basis. His eye for detail never waivers; his passion and determination have helped Mélange become a reality. 


Harry Sain, Co-Founder

Harry, like Alec was also born abroad, in a coastal town in the north of Italy. He spends most of his time in the kitchen, where he comes up with most of his creative ideas.


...He too, likes dancing in the rain. 



Our mission: To be the standard bearer for beverages far and wide. Never compromising on our quality, ethics or flavour. 

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